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We’ve heard from some of our most reliable sources that coffee makes you poo. As people in the toilet paper business, we found that preeeeeetty interesting. After all, the more TP people use, the more we can donate to our charity partners.

That’s why we made this (very!) limited edition coffee bundle – the more you go, the more good we can do together.

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It’s hot! It’s brown! It’s aromatic!

And every drip (or drop)
helps change the world

50% OF

We’ve donated millions to incredible clean water and sanitation organisations around the globe.


Our fair trade, organic coffee comes to you in compostable packaging with carbon neutral shipping.


We’re a team of Australians who take their coffee very seriously, so you can trust this is the good stuff.

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Swiper demo
No one wants to buy coffee from a toilet paper company — General market research
I LOVE BUTTS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! — Someone who’s had way too much coffee
I don’t know what coffee you’re talking about — Man on the street
So we’re just making up quotes for the website? — Our Creative Director
I am fond of pigs. Dogs look up to us. Cats look down on us. Pigs treat us as equals. — Winston Churchill
Ok, that last quote is real but has nothing to do with coffee. — Our Creative Director (again)
Is getting an espresso machine worth it? — Just wondering
Hey, this coffee is actually really good. — Our smug barista

We’re not kidding this time

Just like all great ideas, this started as an April Fools joke. But now we are very serious. Really!

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